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Sparkler Podcast

Industry news, Feminism, Geekiness, 16+
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LGBT Historical Drama, 16+
New pages start May 2015


Comedy Fantasy Adventure, 16+
Updates Mon/Wed/Fri (2 pages)

Orange Junk

Shojo Romantic Comedy, 13+
Updates Mon/Wed/Fri (1 page)

The Cat Lover’s Circumstances

Geeky Modern Comedy, 13+
Ongoing, next chapter in June 2015


Dark Fantasy Western, 16+
Updates Mon/Wed/Fri (1 page)


Historical Adventure, 16+
Updates Tue/Thurs (1 page)


Boy’s Love Mystery Drama
Series complete!

Tokyo Demons

Urban Fantasy Adventure Drama, 16+
Ongoing, next chapter in June 2015

Mahou Josei Chimaka

Magical Girl Woman Story, 16+
Updates Mon/Wed/Fri (2 pages)

Before You Go

Girl’s Love Sweet Romance, 13+
Two stories complete!

Shut In Shut Out

Modern-day Friendship Drama, 13+
Story complete!

For Peace

Lady Trucker Romance, 16+
New pages in May 2015

Witch’s Quarry

LGBT Fantasy Adventure, 16+
Updates Tue/Thurs (2 pages)

Dusk in Kalevia

Alt History Boy’s Love Supernatural, 16+
Novel complete!


Science Fiction, Musician Drama, 16+
Ongoing, next chapter in May 2015

Dinner Ditz

Boy’s Love Cooking Comedy, 13+
Series complete!

The Ring of Saturn

Musical Historical Drama, 13+
Series complete!

Short Stories (prose)

One-shot prose stories
Last update: DNA-RW, Nov 2014

Dead Endings

Dark Comedy Ghost Story, 16+
Novel complete!


Science Fiction Mystery Drama, 16+
Series Complete!

Tokyo Demons

Fully-voiced audio book
Book 01 complete


Survival Horror, Romance, 16+
Novel complete!

Dire Hearts

Fantasy Adventure, 13+
On hiatus

Recent News

200 Members!

April 25th, 2015
We’ve reached 200 members! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Now that we reached this new level of our membership drive, we ran the raffle for five lucky members to get prize packs full of books and other fun Sparkler stuff! Here are the winners: kanara00 cgcornett sanga.eas ladykrysis gnawylime The winners have already been contacted via email–if your name […]

Joseph Stillwell of Hiveworks is Chromatic’s new Marketing Director!

April 20th, 2015
Chromatic Press and Sparkler Monthly are proud to announce that Joseph Stillwell has joined us as our new Marketing Director! As CEO of Hiveworks, Joseph is an expert in the digital comics market, and has served in recent months as a consultant. He’ll be taking the helm as our new Marketing Director from this point forward, and applying his expertise as […]

A little spring cleaning!

April 16th, 2015
Hi, Sparkler fans! We hope you enjoy our delightfully orange color this month to celebrate Orange Junk‘s debut in our magazine with the all-new Chapter 8, available in this month’s issue! And welcome to the digital pages of our magazine, Heldrad. <3 We figured it was time to do a little spring cleaning around here. Hope you […]

EDITORIAL: Why do we need “comics for women”? Why not “comics for everyone”?

April 30th, 2015
Hello there! Welcome to the Sparkler Monthly Blog, a companion to the Sparkler Monthly Podcast. This is a space for the Sparkler editors to rant on various topics from time to time. I felt like responding to a question I still run into sometimes, since Sparkler is explicitly designed to appeal to the Female Gaze. Here’s a 101 Primer on […]
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